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Spinning Aluminum Disc

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Spinning Aluminum Disc

     Our enqineers travelled extensively throughout the world to find out from our customers what makes a good spinning quality. To keep good spinning quality, we have to make sure two factors: 1. Looper line is shaped lines after spinning. They look like a smile face. Our aluminum disc could  control this defect. In addition, a sample is taken from each production coil and tested for this defect. 2. Earing is also a common defect associated with the spinning process. It appears as bumps (or ears) on the outside rim of the part after spinning. Our aluminum disc could control earing to within 5%.
And our spinning quality aluminum discs are mainly used for : Lighting, Ventilation, Satellite Dishes, Paint Sprayers,Cenral Vacuum Units, Filter Cartridges,Planters, Waste Recepticles,Drip Pans, Cryogenic Tanks, Race Car Wheels etc.   
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