aluminum foil strip

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Place of Origin : China

Payment Terms : T/T L/C

Certification : ISO9001

Packaging Details : Depend on our customers.

Brand : Signi Aluminium

Delivery Time : Depend on the order and destination

Quality Management

Signi Aluminium has strict quality management system , to ensure that each aluminium circle products have a smooth skin and the best quality.

Having a good Quality Management is a challenge faced by all aluminium circle manufacturers in the world.  Signi Aluminum's Quality Assurance System with the achievement of Certificate of ISO 9001:2008 ensures that Signi Aluminum s products are manufactured within the Aluminum Association, Inc. Standard or simply known as AA Standard.

Aluminum Properties, chemical contents and tolerances are monitored using the computerized chemical Analyzer and other mechanical properties by state of the art quality control equipments and techniques to the AA standard specifications.

Signi Aluminum's Research and Development (R&D) team comprises experienced engineers concentrating on new product and technologies development. Their contributions allow Signi Aluminum for continuous improvement on its products which maintain the highest standard of quality possible for worldwide competition.

Excellent anodizing and hard anodizing quality.
Because of our aluminum circle sheet is DC quality and very exquisite crystal surface, so as to good for regular anodizing and hard anodizing to produces the durable non-stick coating film on the cookware surface, especially good for 3000 series, such as 3003 and 3004 alloy.

Excellent forming and deep drawing quality
Before packing we do choose two pieces of each size sample, to do deep drawing test, so as to make sure after deep drawing no crack, no broken, no earring.

Excellent forming and spinning quality
Our aluminum circle could make sure no looper line, and make sure earring rate to within 5%, our spinning quality aluminum circles are mainly used for making lighting, long cookware etc.


aluminum foil strip